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Updated: Feb 14

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Yacht Club Profile - Atlantic Boating News, October 13, 2023

Blue Flags awarded to 20 beaches and nine marinas in Canada for 2023, May 26th, 2023. 

Cleanest Beaches and Marinas in a in 2022

Published by To Do Canada On May 31, 2022

22 beaches and 10 marinas were awarded the prestigious Blue Flag Canada award this year.

Blue Flag is an international award given to beaches and marinas that meet high environmental,

safety, and cleanliness standards.

The Blue Flag program in Canada is administered by Swim Drink Fish and is one of 47 National Operators in the Blue Flag International network.

To be certified, “A Blue Flag beach must have at least one sampling point, which must be located where the concentration of bathers is highest. In addition, where there are potential sources of pollution, e.g. near streams, rivers or other inlets, stormwater outlets, etc. additional sampling points must be established at these sites to provide evidence that such inflows do not affect bathing water quality. The beach must comply with the Blue Flag requirements for the microbiological parameter Escherichia coli (fecal coli bacteria) and intestinal enterococci (streptococci).”

Out of 32 beaches and marinas, 25 are in Ontario, 3 each in Quebec and New Brunswick and 1 in Nova Scotia.

Cleanest Beaches and Marianas in Canada in 2022

(Numbered from East to West)

  1. Halifax Waterfront Marina, Nova Scotia

  2. Aboiteau Beach, New Brunswick

  3. Parlee Beach (Provincial Park), New Brunswick

  4. Shediac Bay Yacht Club, New Brunswick

  5. Plage de l’Est, Quebec

  6. Plage de l’Ouest, Quebec

  7. Plage des Cantons, Quebec

  8. Loyalist Cove Marina, Ontario

  9. Trent Port Marina, Ontario

  10. Bluffer’s Beach, Ontario

  11. Kew-Balmy Beach, Ontario

  12. Woodbine Beach, Ontario

  13. Cherry Beach, Ontario

  14. Hanlan’s Point, Ontario

  15. Ward’s Island Beach, Ontario

  16. Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Ontario

  17. Centre Island Beach, Ontario

  18. Gibraltar Point, Ontario

  19. Port Burwell Municipal East Beach, Ontario

  20. Port Stanley Main Beach, Ontario

  21. Bluewater Marina, Ontario

  22. Grand Bend Beach, Ontario

  23. Grand Bend Marina, Ontario

  24. Port Franks Marina, Ontario

  25. Canatara Park Beach, Ontario

  26. City of Barrie Marina, Ontario

  27. Wasaga Beach, Area 1, Ontario

  28. Moonlight Beach, Ontario

  29. Bell Park Beach, Ontario

  30. Spruce Beach, Ontario

  31. Spine Beach, Ontario

  32. Tall Pines Marina, Ontario

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Andrew Jennings
Andrew Jennings
Apr 01, 2023

Pretty quiet here, any updates forthcoming?

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